Buy Sunflower Oil Online

Buy Sunflower Oil Online – Refine and Unrefined Oil for Sale in Wholesale

Wholesale prices for sunflower oil that we indicated on the website are for informational purposes only.
The price for sunflower oil itself may vary depending on the quantity of the order, payment methods, exchange rates and other natural causes.

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Buy Sunflower Oil Online

  • Universal Seafood Market is a big supplier of ukrainian refined and unrefined sunflower oil wholesale, both in bulk and bottled. We regularly supply only high quality and 100% pure sunflower oil without adding other vegetable oils to the product. We offer to buy sunflower oil wholesale at the best price from Ukraine.
  • We are proud to say that Ukrainian oil is highly valued throughout the world, and it is exported to almost every country where natural and pure products are valued. The quality of our oil meets the highest requirements for this product, which is evidenced by a certificate of quality, as well as the very demand for Ukrainian product.
  • The number of our customers and tons of sold oil gives our company the status of a reliable partner and supplier of sunflower oil wholesale. Today we have developed our own brands of sunflower oil. Our company supplies oil to more than 20 countries of the world. Oil is exported under our brands: Karam and Ghina. We offer to buy oil with a label of your brand.

We supply such types of sunflower oil wholesale:

  • Refined oil in bulk
  • Unrefined oil in bulk
  • Refined and unrefined oil in bottles

Other vegetable oils:

  • Corn oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Technical vegetable oils for biodiesel

Information for purchase:

The geography of oil supplies: Europe, Asia, Persian Gulf, China, America and other countries.
Packaging: in bottles of 1, 1.8, 3, 5 liters, flexi tank, auto or railway tank.
We deliver: auto, railway, sea transport.
Minimum order: from one truck, container or tank.

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