Buy Fresh Oysters Online

Buy Fresh Oysters Online

Our Oysters are like wine: they’re flavored from the regions in which they grow.
We give you access to over 90 flavors + farms .
We curate the most delectable picks based on seasonality.

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Buy Fresh Oysters Online

  • Our fresh Cornish oysters are the finest, freshest local rock oysters you can buy online for home delivery.  This Pacific species grows in abundance in Cornish waters and are full of flavour. Our oysters are provided daily by a specialist provider and their location is a closely guarded secret! Each oyster is £1.45, we recommend six oysters per person for a starter portion.
  • Oysters will only arrive live in the shells and unfortunately cannot be supplied shucked/cut out, and have a limited shelf life so should be enjoyed as soon as possible after delivery. Buy Fresh Oysters Online
  • Not only are they delicious but oysters contain more zinc than any other food in the world. Zinc has a great number of health benefits including boosting brain-power, increasing tissue repair and boosting your metabolism.


  • We think our food should help make our earth something we can enjoy for a long time. Oysters help fight climate change. Join our mission: eat oysters, support oyster farms, save the oceans. Pretty great, right? 


  • We curate from over 70 farms across North America to give you the freshest, most in-season flavorful experience. Order ahead: Your delectable picks are harvested just before your delivery date. They come directly from farms to our Boston shop, and then are delivered to you.  
  • Store live shellfish in the salad drawer of your refrigerator and cover with a damp tea towel. Do not immerse shellfish in water. Live shellfish has a limited shelf life – consume as soon as possible from day of delivery. Do not keep for longer than 4 days. Although all shellfish goes through the correct cleaning process there will always be a slight risk of food poisoning.Buy Fresh Oysters Online
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  • Oysters should stay fresh in your fridge for up to 10 days. We ship UPS + Fed-Ex overnight delivery. For your safety, our insulated boxes are outfitted with a cold pack + temp sensor so your oysters arrive cool and fresh.

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