Buy Fresh Lobsters Online

Buy Fresh Lobsters Online

1 medium lobster is about 750g and will provide 1 medium main portion.

Price per kilo £32.00
Shellfish vary in size, a medium lobster will weigh between 600g to 800g, yield indicators are an estimation.

♦’Recommended’ by Cornwall Good Seafood Guide

♦Excellent source of Omega 3 oils and essential vitamins and minerals

15.00 10.00


Buy Fresh Lobsters Online


You simply can’t compare the quality of our fresh sustainably caught Cornish lobsters! A beautifully delicate, subtle sweet flavour that is unlike that of frozen supermarket imports. Our lobsters are delivered live to us daily from our lobster pot fleet
Lobster has a limited shelf life, so please enjoy as soon as possible from the day of delivery.  If the weather is poor we may send pre-cooked and frozen lobsters. Buy Fresh Lobsters Online

If you’re looking for truly fresh Maine lobsters, you want live Maine lobsters. If you want live Maine lobsters, you want Universal Seafood Market supply. Our whole, live, Maine lobsters are shipped overnight via air shipping.
These live lobsters are delivered in packs that can range from one lobster to fifteen.
Universal Seafood Market supply determines its pricing based upon the weight of the lobster, which ensures that the customer gets exactly what he or she pays for—and not a pound less.

Nutritional Value

Homarus gammarus

Origin: Denmark
.Kcal: 89
Protein: 19g
Carbohydrates: 0g
Sugars: 0g
Fat: 0.9g
Saturates: 0.2g
Salt: 120mg

Freshest lobsters possible

Once landed, these live lobsters are taken from the lobster fishermens’ boats and placed in lobster tanks that contain natural seawater for up to 1-2 days. Lobsters are packed whole and live to order (Monday to Thursday), for by 12 noon next day courier delivery to our clients’ addresses in mainland UK (Tuesday to Friday).

Store and consume
Upon receipt of delivery, store live lobsters in the fridge. For the freshest and best flavour cook and consume live lobsters on the same day of delivery. Lobsters can be boiled, poached, grilled, or barbecued. For further information, click on the ‘How to Store & Cook Live Lobsters’ tab above.

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