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Other Products We Have

Universal Seafood Market does not offer only seafood products but we also have a variety of other food and health products which we offer at whole sale prices directly from local manufacturers.

  • Our activities began in 2009 with the export of Seafood products. As for today, we have significantly expanded the range of products that have been successfully exported to more than 20 countries worldwide. Annual turnover in 2017 amounted to more than 20 million USD (in products it is more than 300 000 tons).
  • The products we offer and export are directly purchased from the best local producers in large quantities. It gives us the opportunity to get priority in the order, to get required volumes of products and the best prices. Work with manufacturers is fully organized. All products have the necessary certificates and permissions for exporting to your country (we can deliver products to almost every country of the world). We are delivering our products by auto transport, sea transport, air transport or by combination of them.
  • our other products are carefully selected to match what is highly need and difficult to get .
  • Our goal is to develop the export of  essential products and save your time, money and health.
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