Our Fresh and Frozen Seafood will Delight You

At Universal Seafood Market we have plenty of frozen warm and cold water seafood ready for you to enjoy at any time. Its frozen fresh to keep the flavor sealed and intact until it’s ready for cooking’ and eating’!

Featuring many traditional fish selections — cod, haddock and Pollock – to lobster, salmon, shrimp,seahorse, sea cucumber, clams and a much more. Universal Seafood Market will deliver fresh frozen seafood to delight your senses and pair flawlessly with a filet mignon or stuffed Romano chicken breast!

For ease, check out a good sampling below of what’s in our fresh frozen seafood case. Stop in and see for yourself.

Don’t be shy!  ask for recommendations to go with your seafood or grab some special spices to accentuate the flavor.  It’s all about the pairings!

A snapshot of Our Fresh Frozen Seafood
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Lobster tail

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