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Established in 2009, Universal seafood Market is an exclusive, premium online store for fresh and frozen fish and seafood dedicated to America, Europe and Asia.  We are a direct to consumer brand of one of the leading seafood companies in Europe and winner of Europe 50 Best Managed Companies, Seacore Seafood.  At our Registered plant in Copenhagen, Denmark, we ensure the highest quality standards in the seafood industry are met.  We will pack and ship out all of Universal seafood Market’s orders out of a HACCP & BRC Certified facility that is completely temperature controlled to ensure the product always remains refrigerated. Universal seafood Market has made sure that every level of the process has been cold certified. Universal seafood Market is an exclusive, premium online store for fresh and frozen fish and seafood dedicated Europe, America and Asia.

What we really do?

Only the most experienced and responsible suppliers in the industry get to work with us – those who share our commitment to the preservation of our oceans and the life within them. To protect our natural resources, we support companies investing in aquaculture and tank raised species.

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Arrive Alive, Stay AliveRisk-Free Guarantee! We back up our commitment to excellent customer service & healthy aquatic life by providing you with a 14-day guarantee, and an unprecedented 30-day guarantee for our Certified Captive Grown Corals

History of the Company

The story of Universal Seafood Market is more than a business biography. Its a tale of true grit, salt air, and danger. The stories are told by those who pioneered the fisheries, bucked the political tides, built the Seafood Industry, and literally risked their lives to do it!

A Sea Change In The Fishing Industry

Here at Universal Seafood Market, catching fish isn’t just our business. It’s our livelihood. It’s our calling. We are all fishermen here, and catching the purest and healthiest seafood is what we do — it’s what we’ve done for years. And if we stay true to our beliefs in protecting the oceans where we fish, it’s what we’ll be doing years from now, too.

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The quality and health of our aquatic life is second to none. Each specimen is visually inspected by an experienced aquatic expert before it is selected for your aquarium. While in our care, every fish is offered the proper foods to meet its specific nutritional requirements.

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Our 24/7 online Aquatic Specialists help educate aquarium owners – whether novice, hobbyist or a seasoned enthusiast – on the proper care of the aquarium’s inhabitants as well as how to provide the best possible aquarium habitat.

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If you’ve ever experienced great seafood at your favorite restaurant which was “a cut above,” it most likely came from Universal Seafood Market. And with our online market, we’ve answered the question of where to buy seafood online, with an unparalleled assortment of Fresh, Frozen, Smoked Seafood and Entrees as well as Specialty Items, guaranteed to please even the most discernible palate. We offer great deals too on the seafood you love!

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Buying fresh seafood online shouldn’t be difficult. Our retail business is a nationwide program that delivers premium hand-selected fresh and frozen seafood products overnight to your door. Orders placed Monday through Saturdays before 12:00 p.m. (west coast time).

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